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Drums of the Pacific History

Maui’s Most Exciting Lu`au is also the Island’s Longest-Running Show

Drums of the Pacific Lu`au has entertained more than 2 million visitors since the opening of the Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa in 1980.

Sharing the legends and stories of Maui and Polynesia, Drums of the Pacific Lu`au shows both the contrast and connections of island cultures, from the lyrical Hawaiian hula to the spectacular Samoan fire-knife dance, to the pulsating drum dances of Tahiti.

The revue emphasizes the connections and similarities across cultures, most importantly in how guests are welcomed. Polynesian cultures demand that visitors be treated well, fed well and welcomed with songs and dances; a lu`au is an expression of hospitality.

Voyaging Otea (Tahiti)

Settled first by Tahiti Nui, the Hawaiians acknowledge and celebrate the skill of their Tahitian kupuna or ancestors that first navigated the vast Pacific Ocean using their expert knowledge of the sea, sky and elements of nature to direct their voyage of over 2,000 miles!a vase of flowers on a table

Kahiko (Maui)

An exclusive story told only at the Drums of the Pacific “Nani O Makaiwa” sings the praises of the area that spans from Hanakao’o (Canoe Beach) to Kapalua. Nailima, a young sister calls upon the owl guardian, the spirit Wahine Pe’e to save her brother being held captive by rival warriorsa group of people standing around a fire

Aparima (Tuamotus)

The spirited hip shaking dances of the Tuamotus, the coral atolls in French PolynesiaThree woman performing the aparima dance

Raro (Rarotonga)

The drum dances of Rarotonga praising the Tavake bird that led the ancestors to new landA man dancing alone on stage


A breathtaking signature production showcase that tells of the legend comparing the first woman created and the delicate French gardenia, the Tiare flower

Maori (New Zealand)

The festival dances of the Maori people of New Zealand demonstrating battle skills through tongue sticking, poi ball twirling and spear thrusting

A Maori man looking fierce on stage


A romantic hula tribute to those lovers celebrating honeymoons, anniversaries, or just plain in love

Imps (Maui)

Honoring the special places of Maui – Makawao, Kahului, Hana with the implements of Hawaii

Four women on stage dancing


The exciting dances of the Samoas depicting the lavish celebrations where entire villages compete through song and dance

Fireknife (Samoa)

Always the show stopper with the daring and highly skilled art of fire dancing and flame eating


A spectacular drum farewell leaving a parting gift to the guests of a memorable evening.